Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Qrab's Chaos: Trolls, Thugs & Tragedy (197 pts)

It turns out February is not only the shortest month of the challenge, it's also turned out to be the cruelest month. 

Readers might assume from the tone of the introductory sentence that what follows would be a mulligan post, but those readers would be wrong! While there may only be 28 days to work with this month, I was feeling good after December's output. So, rather than play it safe and paint five Marauders, I decided to to push myself and paint the larger group of models among those I had left. This meant 10 Thugs with long bows, a standard, and a musician (132 pts) as well as a single Troll (65 pts).

The Troll known as MM40/02 TR6

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thomas's High Elves: Waife's Archers 227 Pts

Happy Valentines day!  If you haven't got started on your months output there is nly half a month left. ;)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January, DONE!

Crazy, but the Challenge is already half over, which means y'all survived the hardest part, you are 3 months away from a beautiful 1000pts army!

Amazing how time flies when you spend your evenings and week-ends in front of your painting desk and do not see the light of day, hey?!


And now, we move on to February! Tip of the month; spend Valentine's day painting for the challenge instead of spending time with your love one. You will save so much money that can then be spend buying more miniatures. You'll thank me the 15th!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ben's High Elves---Month #3 (194pts)

Here we go with month #3. I painted 5 Wardancers, a Bolt Thrower with 3 crew, and the standard for the guard unit I finished last month. This month was the fewest amount of figures I've painted in the challenge so far, yet they seemed to take more time than either of the previous months. Without further delay, here are some low quality pics of great figures with mediocre paint jobs.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sean's Bretonnians - Chevaliers D'Honneur (215pts)

Hi All,

Once again I've somehow managed to take this down to the wire. I should have been able to finish these pretty easily, but I haven't

These are five plastic Knights of the Realm circa 1996, so 5th edition? I used Perfect Plastic Putty to try and fill all the seam gaps in the horses. I need to work out a better way to apply and sand in tight spaces. They are a 15th Level Hero (Viscomte) (91points) an four Knights (124points) for a total of 215 points. In game terms they only have Heavy Armor and Lances.

Ed's Mulligan Enforced - But the future is still bright!

Well I was expecting to play my mulligan next month but work has tied me up for the majority of January and my purse strings have been so tight (getting over Christmas, missus' birthday in January, Son's birthday in early February blah blah blah)
I've not even bought my next planned unit (cavalry). In fact I've only found time to paint 8 figures plus a banner (halberdiers) in January.
However, if I can move on with my halberdier unit they should see completion by the end of this month and then tackle the cavalry in March so all is not lost.

 Keep up the good work though guys! It's been a hefty output this month - again!

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler (195pts)

So here we are month 3, and I was so close to taking a mulligan but finished with a few hours to spare. I chose for January to work on my goblin chariots, and given how cheap they are I decided to add another to the list to round it out to 195pts for the month. As I got started I noticed that some how I had misplaced the left side of one of the marauder chariots, which led to a search through all my boxes and bitz. After much cursing and repacking I sprang to the computer and found the exact piece I was missing just hop, skip and eight hour plane ride away in England. Six dollars and a week and a half later it arrived and I could really get started. I got off to a pretty good start, but then with things going on the weekends and a rambunctious 2 year old, it was honestly hard to motivate myself many evenings. So tonight I came home knowing I only needed to finish a few small things and be all set, and when I got ready to paint I noticed several wolves and a chariot were missing! 

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