Monday, May 21, 2018

Sean's Bretonnian Army Wrap-up

Hi All,

Behold the mighty war host of Monfel!

My best Dave Andrews impression.
Well, it wouldn't be my army without untold trials and tribulations. I got it stuck in my head that I had to complete a baggage element and Tom's Chaos War Altar got me wanting to make one of my own, so I did that too. There was a lot of winging it and cursing, but it's done now. I tried to take all the pictures by myself, but wouldn't you know it, my shutter remote control had a dead battery. So I had to enlist my daughter to take the above army pose photo. She asked me if the muslin back drop was for scenery or to hide how messy my hobby room was. What cheek! My answer, of course, both.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Jeff's Chaos Army Wrap-up

Here is my final post for the OWAC. I am very glad I joined and stayed in it to the end. It was tough to finish. Now I have a 1300+ point Chaos army that I didn't 6 months ago. Honestly, as a gamer for the last 30 years, I do not have a lot of painted Warhammer lead. This is only my 2nd Warhammer Army, the first being Empire.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tom's Stinkfoot and his Plague Brigade

I finally made it. Years ago I never thought I would end up here. After about twenty years away from gaming it all started again with wanting to play a game of Talisman. And maybe I could get a copy of the wfrp rulebook. I'm never gonna get back into fantasy battle I told myself. Mordheim? Absolutely not. 40k? Hell no. Now I have a Chaos army. And a few Mordheim warbands. I bought more space Orks this morning. But I'm happy to be here.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Mustafa’s wrap up: How I learned to love the beard.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done! The challenge is finally over and I’m feeling pretty chuffed with how my chaos dwarves turned out :)

I did use a mulligan,  but made up for it in one of the other months. No need to feel to guilty, right?? RIGHT!?!?

These little psychos will make a welcome addition to my small human chaos faction from a year or so ago.

I’m already forward to next year’s challenge and am leaning towards Wood Elves with Halflings. Saying that, I do have a lot more chaos that needs painting. Hmmm.......

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Iannick's Forest Goblins Wrap-up

Well here it is, the end of the line! When I started thinking about the challenge, I wasn't sure what force to paint. I really wanted to start a Goblin army, something that was a dream of mine in my youth, but the task was a daunting one, and made me hesitate. In the end though, the pull was too big, and I plunged! And I'm really happy I did! Now, let's get that Warhammer army pose picture out of the way, shall we ;-)

The look of content after a 6 month marathon

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Blue's Wood Elves...The Final Army Pics + Bonus Figure!

What a long strange trip it has been!!  

...But it has been fun and productive...I deem the Old World Army Challenge to be a big success personally.  I've cranked through more figures in the last six months than I have in quite awhile.  I'm a notoriously slow painter and the challenge has really motivated me to be productive.   

I'm already planning next 1000 point force for the next challenge. 

But!  Now is not the time to talk about the future and "other armies!!!" 

Now is the time to talk about what has been accomplished over the last six months!

It was quite an experience to finally fully assemble the army on a proper terrain board and take some pics to share.  I always find army photography to be kind of a pain in the ass...and this time proved no different! (I need to make a dedicated photo set up and terrain board for photography!) But after trying twice I was able to get a decent set of pictures that document this army well.

Here we go!

The Army of Sarthayer the Enforcer.

Sarthayer's small but potent Wood Elf army patrols the fringes of Elven territory in the thick woodlands the Humans call Drakenvald Forest.  This fast moving and hard hitting force protects the northern margins of the forest where the trees fade away into the grass covered foot hills of the World's Edge Mountains.  Calum Pass, the Notch, and other lesser known pathways through the mountains, allow goblin raiders from the other side of the mountains to make occasional forays into Elven territory.  It is the job of Sarthayer and his army to detect these intruders, track them, and if possible destroy them.  Sarthayer's ruthless efficiency as a war leader, and his penchant for grisly war trophies, have earned him the nickname the Enforcer.

Sarthayer the Enforcer
lvl 10 Hero with Warhorse                   98 points

Zolvos the Wise
lvl 10 Wood Elf Mage                           110 points

Hend-o Isha (Eyes of Isha) (Warrior Kinband)
Odannac lvl 5 hero
15 Warriors                                             226 points

Lhun Gurth (Blue Death) (Lords Bowmen)
Ishtar Iron Hand lvl 5 hero
13 Wood Elf Archers                              278 points

Dinen Tir (Silent Watchers) (Wood Riders)
Tholnor the Silent lvl 5 Hero
6 Wood Elf Mounted archers              210 points

RaDag and his Boars (Animal handler)
6 War boars                                               49 points

Asar-o Glam (Wardancer troope)
7 Wood Elf Wardancers                         168 points 

Point Total: 1,139 Points

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Jeff's Dark Elves - End of Challenge

I had great fun doing the challenge, and while I met the challenge goals, I didn't quite meet the goal I set for myself, falling one unit short.  I had planned to get all the required minimums painted in the challenge, but ended up short one unit of 20 warriors.  However, since the Warhammer Armies book is based on a 3000 point force and says to adjust requirements for significantly smaller and larger forces, I feel comfortable saying I have a legal 1500 point force to put on the table.

The army list:
Characters - 20.9%

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